Wednesday, January 22, 2014

UMI X3 eight-core mobile 2GHz processor 2G RAM 64G ROM
A lot of friends have noticed the UMI mobile phone will soon have a new product to birth, the machine under X series, the internal model for UMI X3, adopted more advanced technology and top configuration, etc., UMI is mobile phone this year's biggest bright spot. Before there have been more perfect configuration information, and a small amount of real machine according to exposure, has the X3 more real machine details pictures will also spread out.

If you just look at the positive, you will find the X3 somewhat similar with UMI Cross overall outline, but X3 Some appear to be more delicate, and more slim thickness, thickness of 7.2 mm, the same as the narrow border design. The exposure is still out in front of black and white after "Panda color", for the real side of the metal material, providing better protection for the body, while the black and white mix together no significant unexpected.

Also out by the exposure of the real machine diagram can be seen, black effect UMI X3 is very good, the screen color is very bright, it may not be optimized to improve exigencies, not completely top notification bar, can be found in the system interface X3, the icon created great changes, according to previous data shows, X3 may be in-depth cooperation with TSF UI. Details, X3 volume keys, power key on the right side of the fuselage design in the key agreement, and UMI X2, surrounded by a small section, looks very delicate, should also be made ​​of metal material, dual speakers located at the bottom, USB interfaces on both sides reinforced fuselage can see the screws.

Remove more detailed work, UMI X3 configuration known enough to attract everyone's attention, UMI X2S first listing of the Lord will use 2GHz frequency MT6592 eight-core processor, with 2G RAM+64 G ROM memory, using 5.5 inches 1080P resolution screen ( with the LG Optimus G Pro for the same screen ), 800W/ 1300W pixels dual high-definition camera, only 7.2 mm thick body built 3150 mA battery, support TD-SCDMA+ WCDMA 3G dual dual standby, NFC / OTG functions and sensors will be equipped.

UMI X3 will be UMI mobile phones in the first half of this year is pushing products, and various aspects to date in UMI's specifications supreme ultimate, in a recent big Bob eight nuclear new product can be their own window, subsequent version, it is said that there are eight nuclear LTE believe that many people are looking forward to.

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