Wednesday, February 12, 2014

UMI Cross excellent performance won praise users
UMI Cross since listing, with top hardware configuration of the combination by the vast number of consumers are snapping up and many media attention and hit, at the same time, UMI Cross with excellent workmanship and excellent performance, won the praise of users.

UMI mobile phone company launched: UMI Cross now on full liberalization of the purchase, no reservations buying, not futures distress, visit the official website ( can be purchased. Now with a high-definition large-screen mobile phones more and more people, not high-definition large-screen mobile phones do not say that he is the influx of people, but the large-screen mobile phone giant is often brought power, so buy high-definition large-screen mobile phone must be Taking into account the life worry-free, big-screen movies and games must have a large store, but with the increase in configuration, UMI X3 phone's price will rise, so many people like me have been looking for such a cost-effective large-screen phone, concern for a long time and finally found a has cost God 4180 mA, 32G internal storage space of 6.4 inch 1080P screen machine-UMI Cross.

UMI Cross Extreme HD 1080P has a 6.4 inches screen, he not only has a super retina feelings, and the use of OGS fit the whole process, with tempered glass protection, so the film is also not very comfortable, and the other UMI X2 or the use of black screen LCD screen, so the effect of the sun playing phone is also very good.

A good screen must be able to have a good intrinsic good experience using 6589T quad-core processor coupled with 2GB large memory support, playing games in no Caton, while 32+64 can download a variety of mass storage expansion power, go see where. Playing games watching movies that are a must, friends, dinner travel must have a large capacity battery and a high-definition camera, so 4180 mg Anga 800W front camera+1300 W pixel camera stacked well positioned to meet the requirements in this regard, in addition HIFI sound, NFC fast pass, HJV-end accessories also allow UMI X2S adding more fashion sense.

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