Thursday, April 7, 2016

Meizu 6 Pro Specs, Price Leaked
Just one day after having announced the Meizu m3 note, Meizu's management is now officially teasing the oft-leaked Pro 6. Well, perhaps not as much teasing as actually revealing it. That's because the first official image showing the Meizu Pro 6 has surfaced today, and it basically confirms the design we've seen so far in all the leaks.

As you can see, we only get a look at the back of the handset, but there's no reason for us to think the front will look any different than what was already portrayed through leaks. Standing out on the back is the arrangement of the laser autofocus and the LED flash which surrounds it, below the camera.

The Meizu 6 Pro phone has a 2560x1440 resolution, unconfirmed display size, probably 5.7-inches, and it has a MediaTek Helio X25 three-cluster, ten core SoC. It is unclear if a Meizu MX6 is still in cards.

The phone comes with 4GB to 6GB RAM, if the previous leaks are correct. It will come in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB flavours.  It will have 2560x1440 resolution Super AMOLED screen, UFS 3.0 storage, as well as mTouch 3.1, 3500 mAh, HiFi 3.0 and NFC 3.0.

Meizu Pro 6 should sell for 2799 Yuan (384.82 EUR or $430.68 USD) for the 32GB version, 3099 Yuan (426.07 EUR or $476.97 USD) for 64GB phone and 3499 Yuan (481.44 EUR or $538.59 USD) for the 14GB flavour.

Meizu mobile still hasn't announced a date for the Pro 6's unveiling, but the big event is likely to take place next month.
Source: POMP Mall

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