Sunday, July 9, 2017

Meizu Pro 7 Plus and Meizu Pro 7 will release together

According to the news from the Gizok that Meizu will officially release its new machine of the Meizu Pro 7 on July 26 in Zhuhai which has make many people pay attention on it with expectation.

What’s surprised the fans is that the Meizu Pro 7 Plus may will release with the Pro 7.From the leaked picture that we know Pro 7 and the Pro 7 Plus are still use the traditional style of Meizu mobile phone, but the back can be described as the first time that are both with dual-screen + dual camera + dual flash, which has never applied on the phone like the Meizu Pro 6 Plus and the Meizu Pro 6.

Many people may be familiar with the Pro 7 that it with 5.2-inch screen, while the MEIZU MX7 with 5.5 inch screen, Helio X30 processor, 8 +128 GB storage, etc. Today, we are going to say about the Pro 7 Plus in detail. It will with 5.7-inch 4K screen, that is much bigger than the Meizu Pro 6S, the vice screen and the camera is the same as the Meizu Pro 7. As for the Price, 4 +64 GB is 3299 yuan, 6 +128 GB is 3599 yuan, and 8 +128 GB is 3799 yuan.

Source: GIZOK

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