Friday, April 6, 2018

OUKITEL WP5000 will be released on April 17

All users would like it if his phone could support long time. The latest announced OUKITEL WP5000 is such a smartphone that not only supports waterproof, dust-proof, shock proof, but also offers super long time using.

In daily life using, it could support 1 day heavy use. By the official video test, half an hour phone call takes less than 1% power, while 30 minutes downloaded video playing consumes only 3% power, meaning that if you want to listen to music while hiking or cycling, it could support 16 hours 40 minutes. The video also tested torch support time, with screen on, it could support continuous 8 hours 40 minutes flash light,with screen off, it will support longer than this. As for the GPS navigation. Under brightest screen and highest volume, 50 minutes GPS navigation takes away 12% power. So if you drive continuously, it could support 7 hours high speed GPS navigation service. If you just put it there for standby, it could last up to one week.

Long time using time is just one of the key features of WP5000 and OUKITEL K10. As a tri-proof flagship, OUKITEL WP5000 performs excellent in waterproof, dustproof, and shock proof. OUKITEL WP5000 and OUKITEL K10000 Max gets IP68 grade waterproof with the standard underwater soak depth of 1.5 meters for half an hour, no water invade. The standard drop height is 1.2-1.5 meters, but it could bear more. For daily life drop from hand or pocket, it won’t be damaged at all.

Maybe you thought most tri-proof smartphones are clumsy or ugly, but when you check at WP5000, you will fall in love with its cool and beautiful design. WP5000 perfectly combines performance and large battery in configuration. Carrying helio P25 Soc, 21MP rear camera and 13MP front camera for excellent shooting experience and 6GB RAM with 64GB ROM for flash memory. According to OUKITEL, global first presale for WP5000 will be April 17th at the price of $299.99. Will you buy this tri-proof smartphone WP5000?

Source: Oukitel mobile

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