Friday, May 18, 2018

Top 3 Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Case

Phone case has become a necessary stuff in our life. Why? Because smart phone is your necessity, but it’s easily scratched or broke by any accident, it needs to be well protected.

How can you choose a suitable phone case?

That is hard to say, different people have different preference, we cannot treat as the same. However, we Caseme here still have some suggestion for you to choose your suitable Samsung case, you can take it as reference.

(1) Funny but Creative -- Rotation Wallet Case

I guess you’ve seldom seen these kinds of wallet case. They not only have the function of being a wallet case -- contain your credit card or cash, but also have this funny and creative design, which makes your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus outstanding among so many Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus! What’s more, it also protects your Samsung well with its good quality PU leather. Buy here: CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Detachable Wallet Case

(2) Simple but Safe - Two Resilient Ribbon Case

This case is simple but safe design, their resilient ribbon gives a very good security for credit cards. You can simply put your credit cards in, when you need to use it, just need to pull the ribbon, then your cards will easily come out. Simple, but safe, right? Buy here: CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Case

(3) High-capacity but Useful -- Handbag with Strap

Handbag zipper case is very useful if you get used to take lots of cards and small things outside. You can totally leave your wallet home and take this out, so convenient and fashionable. Try them, if you need, it could be the best partner to your Samsung. Buy here: BRG Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Zipper Wallet Case

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