Sunday, April 14, 2013

ZTE U960E world's first TD + CDMA products

Samsung, HTC and other giants have launched support dual card dual standby smart phone, dual-card dual-mode double-pass model can also find lots of products to market, but for some reason, rarely seen on the market such as support for TD + WCDMA, TD + CDMA, WCDMA + CDMA dual 3G network products. This seems a hint of subtle changes, ZTE launched a model for ZTE U960E the products, this phone not only supports dual card dual standby dual pass, also supports TD-SCDMA + CDMA 1x dual network, and ZTE the U960E is now ready market in some areas has arrived. The China Online Shopping Store has begun the sale.

ZTE U960E using MTK6517t + AST3001 platform MTK6517 for MT6577 mobile version, available with other base band chip support, such as mobile, telecommunications network, last year, Jin phone on launch Guo In Gold Li C610, C800 products using the MTK MT6517 + VIA 7.2 C program, but only supports Telecom 3G network EVDO + GSM dual-card double-pass, ZTE U960E more to Aspect, support mobile 3G network and telecom CDMA network, U960 become the world's first TD + CDMA dual card dual-mode through the smartphone.

Similar to the appearance of this phone listed telecom ZTE N983 dual-core models, the same size of 133 × 66 × 9.9mm. Hardware specifications and N983 also no significant difference, ZTE U960E 4.5-inch IPS screen, 1280 * 720 resolution HD level, run large internal memory of 1GB, 16GB storage space, equipped with the same top 100 million + after 800 million pixels camera, 2070 mAh battery.
Source: Bicgate

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