Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ThL W11 mainstream fashion appearance with top hardware and software

The world's first pre-13.0MP back-illuminated camera smartphone - ThL W11, highest degree of concern on the market of the star product. The aircraft will be equipped with front rear 13.0MP 13.0MP + dual camera, 1.5GHz quad-core high-speed processor, 5.0 Inch 1080P Full HD IPS Retina screen and 2G RAM +32 G ROM's top-level configuration subversion smartphone market. Will soon be available on the website at THL, so stay tuned.
ThL W11 ThL in appearance subvert the sleek design of smart phones in the past, and take integrated design square straight line, flowing, luxurious metal frame alignment machine is more prominent elegant, stylish atmosphere style. It has a built non-removable battery, body unity and adaptation stronger, SIM card slot are located at the top and right side of the fuselage, easy insertion and removal, creative.

ThL W11 equipped with a 5.0 inches positive resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels FHD Full HD IPS Retina screen display is vivid and delicate, the picture is vivid. While the screen on the market today adopted the latest technology OGS fully fit, due to the reduced one panel, makes the screen more light, thin, and has a very good light transmission, grip feel good.

Hardware configuration, ThL W11 is equipped with a frequency of 1.5GHz quad-core processor MTK6589 Turbo speed, GPU using IMG SGX544 MP, rendering speeds of up to 357MHz, run the big game even more speed than previous models greatly enhanced 1.5-fold. And the aircraft will be equipped with 2G RAM +32 G ROM memory configuration, support 32GB MicroSD card expansion, Bluetooth version 4.0, running the latest Android 4.2 operating system, UI interface has also been redesigned, adding more originality and user-friendly operation, the user experience is very good.

So that users are most shocking is: ThL W11 is equipped with a front 13.0MP back-illuminated camera is also equipped with a fuselage behind the 13 million back-illuminated camera, dual pieces of high resolution, ultra-wide-angle, high-definition camera for users with the most powerful camera and video experience. Meanwhile, support for bright flash, autofocus and a variety of scene modes, etc., significantly improve shooting in low light conditions results.

ThL W11 has a stylish appearance with top mainstream powerful hardware and software configurations, ThL W11, THL W9, THL W8 Beyond will become the ThL smart phones upcoming 2013 blockbuster products, will also become a global audience sought another star product . About the aircraft specific time, ThL smart phones will soon announce a grand, please visit the official website or official microblogging update the latest information.
Source: THL

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