Friday, July 19, 2013

THL W11 high configuration and fashion appearance of smart phones

THL mobile phones this year's heavyweight products - THL W11 already sold in 17th, the first sale of 5000 created the good performance of 15 minutes all sold out, the coming of the second batch release date has been announced, the second batch of 10000 units sold, the specific time is July 23, sale channel is still the official mall THL, pay attention to the friends to pay attention to the phone.

THL mobile star products recently, THL W11 according to pre - 13.0 MP back when it appeared in the early type take camera stunned friends, than the THL W8S is much Beyond a front-facing camera, and the rear camera is the same for the back illuminated 13.0 MP camera, in addition to the machine is equipped with a higher-resolution screen, size is 5.0 inches, using the IPS and OGS touch-screen technology, resolution up to 1080 p. Processor USES a THL mobile phone MTK platform, but is the highest specifications MT6589T quad-core processor, built-in 2 gb RAM large memory of the 32 gb ROM, carrying the jelly beans OS2.0, standard 2000 ma of the battery, and can support WCDMA/GSM double card double stay.

THL W11 compared to the previous product design also has the obvious progress, fuselage atmosphere, both ends up and down to join the micro-arc small curve design increases the xu some soft feeling, but it USES unibody design, SIM card slot, and storage card slot placed in the top of the fuselage and the right, don't support the battery replacement, SIM card slot for a standard card with a small card design.

THL W11 and THL W9 is currently the top products in the THL products, set in the fashionable appearance and high configuration one, priced at THL many products also belong to the intermediate level, is the highest smartphones in the recent a configuration.

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