Sunday, March 17, 2013

HTC USA finally shot down confirms no HTC One for Verizon

HTC USA finally shot down the rumor that the HTC One was coming to Verizon, but had been delayed. A tweet from the U.S. arm of the Taiwan based manufacturer made it clear that the HTC One is not going to be available from the nation's largest carrier even though a previous report said that Verizon would be releasing the new HTC flagship without any changes. Instead, HTC USA responded to an inquiry about a possible HTC One launch for Big Red by pumping up the "awesome" HTC DROID DNA mobile phone. The tweet contradicts a recently leaked Walmart document that said that the HTC One would be replacing the HTC DROID DNA on the retailer's shelves.

Even with the pretty straightforward tweet, there are still many unanswered questions. For example, even if Verizon doesn't offer the HTC One, will it offer a phone with the same specs as the HTC One, but with a different name? There has been talk about a sequel to the HTC DROID DNA called the HTC DLX Plus that would be every inch the same as the HTC One. At one time, the DROID DNA was code named the DLX, so a DLX Plus would make sense. Ok, but what about the tweet? Well, the tweet doesn't say that Verizon won't offer a phone with the same specs as the HTC One. It merely says that the carrier will not be offering a mobile phone named the HTC One.

Why wouldn't Verizon want the HTC One? It might be due to the amount of money that Verizon has spent promoting the HTC DROID DNA and doesn't want that phone surpassed so quickly by a new HTC model. The HTC DROID DNA is no greybeard by any stretch of the imagination. Still, missing the opportunity to offer such as powerhouse as the HTC One would not make any sense for Verizon, which makes it more likely that the HTC One will be sold by Verizon, but under a different name. In the meantime, by the end of next month Verizon customers will be able to turn to the Samsung Galaxy S 4 mobile phone for a top-shelf device with the latest specs.

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