Sunday, March 17, 2013

LG Optimus L9 gets updated to Jelly Bean across Europe

LG's Optimus L9 is getting the jump to Android Jelly Bean. The handset launched last year, running Ice Cream Sandwich. Jelly Bean will mean anyone using an L9 mobile phone can take advantage of features like Google Now and Google's Advanced Voice Search.

According to the XDA Developers Forum, the update is available now in Australia, Thailand, Germany, the Baltic countries, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Greece and Hungary. The UK isn't mentioned, but given how many European countries are, I reckon us Brits should have the update imminently.

If you're using an L9, hit the update button and let me know if anything happens.

The L9 leaked over the summer, but didn't go on sale until near the end of the year. It's good to see LG not leaving its more affordable handsets out of updates, as Jelly Bean will give the device a new lease of life. It'll also save you upgrading to a mobile phone that runs the latest version of Android out of the box.

The L9 is the flagship of LG's budget L range, sitting above the L7, L5 and L3. It's powered by a dual-core 1GHz processor, with 1GB of RAM and a 2,150mAh battery. It also totes a 4.7-inch screen.

Keen to steal Samsung's thunder, LG announced some new eye-tracking smart phone tech this week, though it won't come to the L9. This pauses videos when you look away, and starts them playing again when it detects you're watching, much like on the Galaxy S4. Pretty nifty. The feature is called Smart Video, and will debut on the super-sized LG Optimus G Pro.

LG also employed some other techniques to try and steal some of Samsung's limelight this week.

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