Saturday, June 29, 2013

THL T3 5 inch HD screen TD dual sim new phones listing

THL mobile launch new T series products, its first THL can support td-scdma network products listed after THL T1, follow-up and released two new model, but when it comes to hardware configuration, T series is the most powerful THL T3. Also recently landed on the T3 will offline experience shop and THL official store.

T3 similar rounded pebble-like design, from 144×73.6×9.9mm body size can be seen that, T3 appearance and ThL W8 Beyond listed earlier, as the former can be said that the latter's TD version. The aircraft's fuselage is still a 5.0 inches IPS size fit all screen, 1280 * 720 pixel resolution, the fuselage beneath an entity HOME key with two touch keys, the screen compared to the top of the front camera THL W8 version has been upgraded, the pixel reached 5.0MP, back of the fuselage and back-illuminated BSI main camera, pixels 8.0MP.

In addition to an upgraded front camera outside, THL T3 processor is also slightly different, although still MTK6589 quad-core processor, but is supported by the TD standard version, clocked at 1.2GHz, with 1GB of memory to run and 4G high-speed flash memory, can support up to 32G expansion storage. Systems are still based on the depth of customization of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean system, in addition to beautify the interface, but also added such as scene, desktop and other new functions. T3 is still a 2000 mA battery capacity, support for light, gravity, and from other commonly used sensors.

THL phone recently new machine front camera pixel is higher, compared to THL W9 8.0MP front-facing camera and THL W11 front camera 13.0MP, T3 biggest advantage is high pixel front camera and to maintain the same price, THL mobile phone users are attracted TD weapon.

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